The Most Powerful Thing In The Universe... Next To God!

In an ever-evolving world, the power of conscious awareness has never been more paramount. Through Gil Hodges' transformative book, " Choice ," we invite you to embark on a journey of discovery, shedding light on the profound influence our decisions and agreements hold in shaping our destinies.

CHOICE - Gil L. Hodges

In an age where existentialism, faith, and ethical choices are topics of global discussion, this book serves as a timely resource for those seeking to reconcile their spiritual beliefs with the practicalities of everyday life. Hodges' insights into the soul journey and life path are not just thought-provoking but life-changing,

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What others are saying about Gil Hodges book

"It's not just the words written in this amazing book. It's the heart of the author that gives it the authenticity found within It's cover. Everyone should buy a copy or two or a hundred!"

John C Meyer

"A masterful job at unpacking a fundamental answer to the bewilderment and sense of powerlessness humanity feels, individually and corporately, in a chaotic world."

Catherine Toon

"I have done the things in this book before and I have had healing. This book has taken me even deeper faster! Thank you for sharing this book with the world Gil."

Jeana Matichak


Book Details

Author: Gil L. Hodges

Pages: 276

Language: English

10 Key Teachings of the Book

1. The Nature of Free Will: Understanding its spiritual and practical implications.

2. Decision-Making: A step-by-step for choosing a good life well lived.

3. Empowerment: How to harness the power within every human being.

4. Divine Influence: Recognizing the role of God's Grace in our choices.

5. Consciousness: Elevating your awareness for better decision-making.

6. Spiritual Awakening: The transformative power of your choices.

7. Personal Growth: How choices lead to self-improvement and maturity for all.

8. Theology: Exploring the power of choice and who God really is.

9. Existentialism: The role of choice in defining our existence. Why are we here?

10. Life Path: How choices shape our destiny and journey towards a closer more mature walk with God.

Other Details/ Descriptions

In a world teeming with endless possibilities, "Choice: The Most Powerful Thing in the Universe... Next to God" serves as a transformative guide to understanding the profound impact of our decisions. Written by spiritual leader and entrepreneur Gil Hodges, this enlightening book delves into the intricate relationship between human agency and divine influence, offering a fresh perspective on spirituality, personal growth, and Christian Ethics.The book begins by exploring the concept of Free Will, an idea that has intrigued theologians, philosophers, and scientists alike. Hodges illuminates how our choices are not just acts of individual will but are deeply intertwined with God's Will and cosmic order. Through compelling narratives and real-life examples, the book addresses the ethical dilemmas we face and provides practical solutions rooted in wisdom, moral integrity, and grace.As you journey through the chapters, you'll encounter key teachings on Self-Determination and Human Agency, concepts that empower you to take control of your destiny. The book also delves into the realms of consciousness, spiritual awakening, and salvation, guiding you through the transformative power of choice in achieving higher levels of spiritual maturity.Whether you're on a quest for self-discovery or looking to deepen your understanding of spirituality, "Choice" provides the tools you need to navigate the complexities of decision-making, all while aligning with divine will and universal power.


Gil L. Hodges is a passionate author and minister. His life's mission revolves around empowering individuals to embrace their unique kingdom destiny and to experience the profound beauty of a heavenly encounter. With a heart dedicated to guiding others along their spiritual journey, Gil has become a beacon of wisdom and enlightenment. through his work and profound teachings.