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Choice - Ebook by Gil Hodges


Choice: The Most Powerful Thing in the Universe... Next to God" by Gil Hodges

 Unlock Your Spiritual and Personal Transformation: Don't Miss Life-Altering Book!

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that has the power to reshape your life? Join me, Gil Hodges, on a unique path that I've walked myself, experiencing profound change through divine insights and practical wisdom.

Here are 12 compelling reasons why you simply can't afford to pass on the insights shared in this book.

  1. Divine Perspective: Gain a larger, God-centered view of life, understanding the purpose and impact of every choice, including the challenging ones.

  2. Mind Programming: Break free from limiting beliefs and embrace new, life-enhancing paradigms, leading to a more fulfilling existence.

  3. Agreements: Discover and dismantle subconscious agreements that hinder your progress, aligning more closely with your true purpose.

  4. Cognitive Dissonance: Achieve peace and coherence by reconciling conflicting beliefs, leading to a more harmonious life.

  5. Existential Clarity: Understand your true identity and purpose, filling your life with God's Love, Joy, and Peace.

  6. Living Happy… Living Well: Learn to thrive in Love, Joy, and Peace, regardless of circumstances, transforming your mindset and life choices.

  7. Overcoming Disappointment and Frustration: Reshape your expectations and values to avoid self-sabotage and embrace a life of fulfillment and thriving.

  8. Spiritual Alignment: Align your choices with divine wisdom, experiencing greater joy and purpose in your walk with God.

  9. Peaceful Living: Reject worldly programming and embrace a life guided by divine peace and wisdom, reducing stress and confusion.

  10. Eternal Perspective: Embrace a broader, God-focused view of life, reducing fear and aligning with divine plans.

  11. Joy over Strife: Choose a life of internal peace over external competition, improving your personal environment and interactions.

  12. Restoration vs. Devastation: Be a bearer of hope and light in a world often focused on negativity, aligning with God's restorative plan.

 Are You Ready to Choose Transformation?

This isn't just an investment in materials; it's an investment in a new way of living, thinking, and thriving under God's guidance. Join us on this journey and become a part of a community seeking true transformation.

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