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Gil L. Hodges

" I've loved working with people for over 30 years, in helping them to see who they really are, God's incredible plans for them and encouragement in walking it out!."

From Gil's beginnings as a former pastor in conservative Christian Church to today, God has led him to break out of boxes of religious conformity into greater levels of freedom. Having overcome significant trauma.
For the past 5 years, I've been engaging in "Next Age" Christianity - exploring the heavenly realms, learning how to flow as an ekklesia, exploring restoration and so much more!

Speaking Engagements with Gil Hodges

Interested in hosting a conference, workshop, or retreat? Gil is passionate about sharing the insights and teachings Father God has placed on his heart. Reach out to schedule Gil Hodges for a transformative speaking engagement. He's available to travel and would be honored to join you at your location.