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Revelation From Father

June 08, 20224 min read

I didn't want to post this because I felt my words were totally inadequate to express what Father showed to me and how He explained it.  But He was the one that asked ME to share this.  Usually I am asking Him if I can share what He shows me.  I shared it on FB this morning and it seems to be touching a lot of people, so I am sharing it here, too.  I actually had the experience 3 or 4 days ago and was reluctant to share it.


Revelation from My Time with Father

Wow! What a time I had this morning with Father while in the Heavens with Him. My heart is at peace.

Father did something special this morning. This is rather long. But it was so impactful to my heart and Father asked me to share it. So here it is:

I was with Father in the throne room of Heaven. Father rose from His throne and asked me to join Him. He invited me to see a room that He had not shown me before. He said He wanted to show me a room full of things He had purchased. I’ll move into the dialogue now.

“Purchased?” I puzzled.

Father, “Yes.”

“Don’t you own all things?” I questioned.

“Yes, I do.” He replied as we walked toward a door I had not seen before [this door represented a new perspective]. He continued, “I purchase things through sacrifice.”

I thought for moment, then was hit with the level of honor I was being given. I exclaimed, “Oh Wow! I am humbled to have you invite me here.”

When we reached the door, He opened it so I could see into the room. I was awed. What was on the other side of the door was this universe. When we stepped in we floated into the space of this universe, but it was as if we were walking on an invisible fluffy floor.

Again, I was puzzled. I motioned toward the universe and asked. “Why do you call this a sacrifice?”

Then came His beautiful answer…

“It is my greatest sacrifice. This is where I gave up You!... And every other created being. I gave you up to the power of choice. It was my greatest sacrifice. I let everyone of you go… to the power of your own choice. It was, indeed, a great act of My love to let you all go. It was, and is, the only course of love. I gave you freedom by giving you power of choice. Choice is one of your greatest powers. There can be no true love without freedom of choice.

When I set you free I did so with no strings attached. Meaning, I did not let you go with a string attached that you had to love Me or come back to Me. I set you free for freedom’s sake. I gave you full choice.

That was My sacrifice… My purchase.

My purchase did not end there. My purchase and sacrifice continued in the challenge to win all of you back into relationship with Me… All of creation. Could I love you back even though the freedom of choice I gave to you gave you permission to reject me and not love me in return. Hence, IN ME and OF ME came forth My Son into the earth because We loved you so much.

I sacrificed my heart by giving ALL of creation. I gave it freedom… The power of choice… The path of Love. But then I gave up and sacrificed My Son, the closest part of ME, by letting Him step into the Earth realm. He did so on His own free will and choice. He went to the Earth realm to show all of creation who You really are… Part of Me, the Divine. Created for Love. Yeshua showed you, ME! My Love. The Love of Your Father. He saved you from missing the mark of your true identity in Him.

All of this has been planned from the beginning. The end is something I have known from the beginning.

[(Gil’s 2 cents) Father is the captain of the cruise ship (the world). He is taking the ship to a specific destination that none of us are capable of rerouting. He is in full control. But everyone on the ship has complete free choice to do what they want on the ship. However, all choices have consequences, but we still have freedom to choose.]

The power of My perfect love, ME, will win back to Me all that has come from Me. Not by force, but by love.

Love NEVER fails.

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