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Letting Go

June 06, 20224 min read

I love how simply Father speaks to us. I woke up this morning and sat down with my coffee to engage with Father in the Heavens and the first words that came to me were, “Letting Go.” Just the concept. Very broad, but it opened up a direction that I followed with Father and this is where it took me.

At first as I experienced the Words from Father I immediately felt a deep sense of peace and rest. I simply let Father go where He wanted to go with that thought... That introduction. I had been carrying a bit of a burden about a few things that I knew were not doing me any good to carry. Thoughts like, “People don’t want to hear what you have to say any more.” “Finances aren’t there.” “The message you are currently sharing and promoting is not what people want to hear.” I’m just being honest and open here. Truth is I know everyone deals with thoughts of a negative nature to one degree or another from time to time. But I recognize these immediately as lies from the enemy. True in the physical realm, or not, the darkness of the carriers (the spiritual entities that bring the messages) such as Discouragement, Hopelessness, Rejection, etc. alerted me to the fact that they were there and needed to be dealt with. These are dark ones from the enemy that I have a choice to accept and agree with them OR recognize that My Father is good and has good things in store for me. Do I believe that greater is HE who is me than he who is in the world? Really!? Do I believe this? Do YOU believe this? Well, I do believe it. AND, I have learned to trust my Father that whatever is going on outside of me in this world, Father has a plan for me that is to give me hope and lead me to the future that will fulfill my heart’s desire. It is the same for you. SO! I chose to agree with Father and His heart for me rather than choose to believe the darkness that comes with the enemy’s minions. In my heart and in the courts of Heaven, I stand with my Father. I choose to agree with My Father’s plan for me, even though I may not know the fullness of that plan right now. I choose to reject spirits of darkness and the path they would want to take me on. I stand on the promise that Jesus gave me and you in Luke 10:19, paraphrased, “He has given us ALL power and authority over the enemy.” The truth is we have power to choose. We have power to reject the things that darkness brings to us. SO DO IT! Reject the lies and darkness of the enemy and CHOOSE to agree with the Father’s heart and plan for your life.

I spent most of my life agreeing with the enemy’s lies. Once I learned that I had a choice, and I began to exercise that choice everything changed. I became powerful. I began to stand with God, rather than stand with my enemy. It sounds crazy. Why would anyone stand with their enemy? But it is true. When you agree with the lies of the enemy you are standing with your enemy.

What you focus on will grow. Giving time to the enemy’s lies will allow them to grow in your life. Train your heart and your brain to immediately reject those lies and turn to see what Father is doing. Most people give WAY too much time to the enemy. Stop doing that. Use the intrusions of the enemy as your new key… your new trigger to remind you to turn your attention to Father. Then ask Father, “What are you doing?” then wait for Him to show you His beautiful heart for you.

So my intimate time with Father was spent sharing this experience with you. The above experience took all of maybe 5 minutes. I woke up carrying this burden. I could just sense something was “off.” When I sat with Father to examine, He revealed to me the dark thoughts I was allowing to sit in my heart. His words “Letting Go” were so fitting. As soon as He showed me what I was doing by allowing those thoughts any time and space in my thoughts, I simply let them go. I stopped agreeing with them and I turned to Him to see what He was doing. I was not able to really see any thing specific that He was doing, but I could see and sense that His heart was for me. Whatever He has for me, is good. I can trust Him on that. Now I just follow Him for next steps in the wild adventure called life. All is good! 

Remember that. All things work for good for those who love the Lord. Times may be challenging, but Father has the final word. He wins. I stand with Him.

How about you? (This is not rhetorical. I want to hear from you.)This message is not about me. It was made public because there are some out there who need to hear this and take their thoughts captive and refocus on what Father is doing.

Love you all!

Be blessed!

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Gil Hodges

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