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Be the Light in a World Stuck in Anger and Pride.

June 09, 20224 min read

Studies show that a majority of the world operates in a state of anger or pride. The hearts of most people never cross the threshold of living life in peace and harmony with others, let alone themselves. 

People operating at these lower levels of consciousness seldom experience happiness more than 20% of their lives… according to the studies.  Consistent peace and harmony with others is not possible without having peace and harmony within yourself. You cannot have peace and harmony yourself if you don’t know who you really are. 

In my opinion, nobody currently knows who they really are. But many are on that journey of discovery and are changing their lives for the better. Someone who knows who they are would have the power of Christ’s consciousness flowing freely through them, as Yeshua did. God incarnate in them would allow them full access to all the power and authority Jesus walked in, and more! Jesus himself said that we would do greater things than he did. 

Unfortunately, too many on this path of self discovery get stuck at the edge of pride and arrogance. As they are learning more and more who they truly are in Christ, that awakening and awareness is so new and exhilarating that they begin to think more highly of themselves than they ought to and they get stuck right there… in pride, not able to move forward to a full understanding of what it means to be One with God. They become content, in some cases, with the idea that they are God, or that they and God are one in the same. They then begin to believe that they have need of no one but themselves. The truth of oneness is recognizing that we need each other in order to be truly one.  

When looking at the language Yeshua used, it was clear that He saw a distinction between He and the Father. Though they were one, they each carried a distinction that made them different. Therefore, we find in the distinction that a relationship must be built. Relationships are a much higher calling than individualism. It is not nearly as challenging to live alone as it is to live in relationship, as any husband and wife will tell you. 

Relationships are the challenge where we all learn to love well. Outside of relationships we really have no idea what it really means to love when there are challenges testing our love. People are different. We are created different for many purposes. And those difference often collide with each other. The test of true love is how do you respond to those collisions. Do we respond in a way that causes us to grow in love, or do we revert back to our need to fulfill our own ego? 

God loves everyone unconditionally all the time. This is one test for us to see if we’ve arrived. Do we love everyone unconditionally all the time? This is just one test. This does not mean we accept all behavior nor that we have to agree with everyone, but it does mean that whatever our response is to another’s thoughts or actions must be met with mature unconditional love. This by no means we embrace and condone the actions of a rapist or a murderer. BUT, does our response reflect the unconditional love of our Father in Heaven? Do we look for a path of redemption and restoration for the perpetrators, or do we hope for their eternal destruction? 

Back to the studies. A great majority of the world operates from a place of anger and pride.  Pride is actually a better place to be than anger, but it is very deceptive. It thrives in the ego which does not want to let you go. So moving past pride into true empowerment and freedom is a challenging yet invigorating experience.  

So I leave you with this antidote. The most powerful antidotes to set anyone free from pride and arrogance are  humility, honor, and gratitude. To humble yourself and recognize your need for HIM in you as a distinct Other, and recognize you need others in the body is a big step in the right direction. It requires humility, honor, and gratitude. 

We are all equally valued though we have different responsibilities. True humility recognizes you are NOT God and that we all need one another to make a complete whole. It takes humility to honor the separate being of Father God in us, His son Jesus, and Holy Spirit. 

When we begin to understand the incredible designed of all creation to be one, yet separate, our hearts should be full of gratitude that Father would include us at such a high level. 

Be blessed in your journey today. Though the world may be operating in fear, anger, and pride, you can choose differently. YOU CAN CHOOSE TO BE THE LIGHT! Don’t get sucked into the anger, or deceived by pride. Know that Father’s got this… whatever this may be for you today.  He’s got you! And nothing can snatch you out of His loving arms. 

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Gil Hodges

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